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iRocket S-100

  • All you need to Drum like a Pro: STAGE or SILENT mode.

  • Wireless Digital Drums set with Speakers built-in

  • Headphones output for SILENT MODE

  • Real Shells + Acoustic TOP HEAD

  • 12x Different Drum Sets:

  • ROCK, Electro, House, Percussion, FX, DJs, and more ….

  • 48 Different Sounds Built-in, 4x Metronomes Style

  • 12 Different Backing Tracks: Real Audio LOOP

  • Included in the pack:

  • ・4x Shells with patented sensor

  • ・Digital Module with USB Charging cable

  • ・Sticks + Stool + Hardware

i Rocker_GB_20190919(BK)_V2_OL-01.jpg
i Rocker_GB_20190919(BK)_V2_OL-01.jpg
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