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Groove 200X

  • LED Display

  • Volume Level

  • Power/Input Function:

  • HOLD button 3 seconds to POWER ON/OFF the unit on/off the unit

  • PRESS button to change mode: Bluetooth, FM Radio, Line in, USB)

  • Light mode : PRESS to select colors / HOLD to TURN ON/OFF leds

  • Repeat Song Track

  • Mic Jack Input

  • Line 3.5mm Input

  • USB dock for MP3 Play Back

  • Charging Led Indicator: RED=Charging / GREEN= Full Charged

  • DC interface (9V) AC Adaptor included

  • Next track

  • Play/Pause for USB or BT -  in FM mode, HOLD button 3 seconds:  FM SCAN function

  • Previous track

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